About Us

The Aboriginal Nurses Manitoba Inc. is a professional association of nurses of Aboriginal ancestry committed to enhancing the wellbeing and quality of life of Aboriginal Peoples of Manitoba.


Aboriginal Nurses Manitoba will support practicing Aboriginal Nurses in Manitoba. The Aboriginal Nurses Manitoba Incorporated will act as consultants in the development of linkages regarding Nursing Practice in Aboriginal Communities.


Our vision is to create a network for Aboriginal Nurses and facilitate the process of the identification of issues and resolution of issues affecting Aboriginal Nurses who work in the Aboriginal Community.


To promote, support, advocate and share information on behalf of the Aboriginal Nurses in areas of education, research and practice.
To define holistic health in spirit, physical, emotional and mental as defined in Aboriginal Health and Healing cultural traditions.


  • To address issues surrounding training and capacity development of Aboriginal Nurses.
  • To support, mentor, recruit and retain Aboriginal Nurses who have graduated from a recognized School of Nursing and encourage membership to the Aboriginal Nurses Manitoba Inc.
  • To provide guidance, direction and work collaboratively with funding bodies in areas of capacity development regarding Aboriginal Nursing issues.
  • To network and collaborate with other organizations and ensure that Aboriginal Nursing interests are addressed and resolved.
  • To develop a registry of Aboriginal Nurses of Manitoba Inc. as a means of communicating with the membership.
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